Danielle Hennephof

Change Agile leider inspirator drijver die organisaties zowel de harde kant als de zachte kant helpt veranderen naar mensgerichte, duurzame, lerende, spelende en wendbare organisaties

Business/IT alignment. I am an energetic senior management professional with a drive for results. Over 15 years of experience in strategic management. Passionate about leading meaningful change and agile transitions. Pragmatic and analytical. Customer oriented with a can do mentality. Dares to question the status quo. Strong leadership and teambuilding skills. Committed to the job and the people. Motivates and inspires. Connecting stakeholders at all levels of the organisation and building partnerships. High integrity standards.


  • Zuid-Holland Utrecht Noord-Holland Flevoland
  • WO-denkniveau
  • > 10 jaar ervaring
  • 4 dagen per week

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