iOS Wizard

We are looking for an iOS Wizard. Specialism: iOS, Objective-C, SWIFT, MVC, Core Data, MVVM, ARC, REST, JSON, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, Core animation

We are currently hunting for a (Sr.) iOS App Developer to help our endeavor to change the world with his/her commitment, skills, experience and talent. Our mission briefing will encourage you to use and combine your extensive knowledge of technology and next gen technology… so basically technology.

To make sure you are that exact person please make sure you meet all requirements:

  • Wizard like experience in object-based programming
  • Comprehension and considerations for native iOS apps
  • Able to work with (external) API’s and the complexity of such
  • Knowhow of multiple third party frameworks
  • Must be able to work (or want to learn) with SWIFT, Objective-C, MVC and MVVM, ARC, REST, JSON, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, Core animation and Core Data

MagnaVersum offers digital solutions to help your organisation further into the digital age; from doing digital to being digital. We help you to take the leap and get ready for the latest technologies. MagnaVersum welcomes you to the fourth industrial revolution. Whether you want to use AR / VR, have your own Branded App, get your data in order with a cleverly designed BI & Analytical Dashboards or want to safely transfer your files, MagnaVersum knows how to provide solutions. MagnaVersum – We Know How.


  • Noord-Holland
  • HBO-denkniveau WO-denkniveau
  • 1-3 jaar 4-6 jaar ervaring
  • 5 dagen per week

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